Saturday, 11 September 2010

Holme dunes

North Norfolk was today's trip, Shaunboy and myself travel to Holme on news that the Arctic Warbler still showing now for its sixth day. Shaunboy offers to drive which is almost as rare as Arctic warbler itself (lol), we leave at 09:30 and arrive at midday.

What a Cracking site, in over twenty years of birding I believe it is my first visit to Holme dunes, probably due to the £3 entry per person to park in a flooded sandy lay by!! We walk through the dunes to the Pine Plantation, a crowd of sixty plus people gather in which we find is its favorite haunt, by the sea watching hide. After a nervous two and a half hour wait we get our bird showing quite well amongst the tall pines, occasionally coming down lower. Both Shaunboy and myself agree that the bird was quite long in size and bill shape with pale underparts and a cracking long supercilium.

With satisfactory views we head back to the car and jam in on a Lap Bunt flying through the dunes calling with a small party of Linnets. On the way out we pop into Radwell Marsh where we was robbed again of another £3 to sit in a small box to view a stunning Red-necked phal.

£3 (what a liberty)

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