Thursday, 11 October 2012

Last chance saloon......

Our last full day on Shetland and on returning to Rurwick bay for hopefully better views of the AMERICAN BUFF-BELLIED PIPIT seen earlier in the week.  As we pull up Matt spots an acro warbler down in the burn, so we gather our gear and fence hop our way down to the burn.

After half hour search myself Jono and bacon head towards the beach when Matt shouts out "Great Reed Warbler" and points at the iris bed it flew to.  We bomb it back down there and organise our mini flush, but all that come out was a wren and two rabbits!!

We are then joined by Monkey and eventually Vince and spend the next hour crashing through every iris bed to no avail.  We then leave a very frustrated Matt bewildered on where his bird has gone!!

Me, Monkey and bacon head down to the beach via the edge of the reed bed unaware we were flushing birds towards the beach and as we reached the last patch of iris two Blackbirds flew out along with a song thrush and a another bird sat on the iris.  I raised my bins and there was the bloody Great Reed Warbler looking all huge and bulky!!

I then spent what seemed like forever ( 10 seconds) trying to get monkey and bacon on the bird, but this never worked and the bird had now done its second disappearing act!!

News was then put out and more eyes arrived and the bird eventually gave itself up in the big reed bed back up towards the burn thanks to bradders and the professor!

only heavily cropped flight shots I'm afraid

Great reed twitch.

monkey and vince are busy finding birds  !!!!

A Great find by Matt Eade and a great team effort made up for the cock up earlier in the week.......:)

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