Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Black-Tailed Godwit - Recovery

Found this colour ringed Islandica Black-wit on the patch on the 31st of last month, and thanks to Pete potts for the history of this well travelled bird.

N LNY OLO 18-Aug-08 Levington, Orwell Estuary, Suffolk,
> SE England
> S LNY OLO 01-Sep-09 Alton Water, Tattingstone, Suffolk,
> SE England
> S LNY OLO 19-Sep-09 Abberton Reservoir, nr Colchester,
> Essex, SE England
> S LNY OLO 14-Feb-10 Paimboeuf, Loire Estuary, W France
> S LNY OLO 16-Mar-10 Ouderkerk ad Amstel, The Netherlands
> S LNY OLO 10-May-10 Cley, North Norfolk, E England
> S LNY OLO 22-Jul-10 Thorpe Bay, Trimley St Martin,
> Suffolk, SE England
> S LNY OLO 13-Jul-11 Cliffe Pools RSPB reserve, Thames,
> Kent, SE England
> S ? LNY OLO 27-Dec-11 Rainham Marshes, Thames, Greater
> London, SE England
> S LNY OLO 16-Sep-12 Mistley Walls, Manningtree, Stour
> Estuary, Essex, SE England
> S LNY OLO 31-Mar-13 Barking Bay, London, Essex, SE
> England

phone scoped


  1. Hi mate - had this bird off the golf centre the day after I got back from Iceland on 7th April and still around on Sunday just gone (plus another ringed bird from Iceland). All good stuff.

  2. This bird was still about today at Crossness today, roosting up this afternoon by the outfall - look at the images at http://rothandb.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/btgs-and-gwt-at-crossness-today.html to see how much it has moulted in the last 4 weeks!