Saturday, 29 June 2013

Med Gull Catch

Out with the North Thames Gull Group this morning for a Med Gull attempt that resulted in three adult birds caught and colour ringed, June is a good time to catch these birds as they visit the tip in order to feed there young with just normally a two week window opportunity to do so.

Canon net set...

meds arrive

including a first year bird

three adults in the catching area

what a stunner

med gets his revenge on me !

shaunboy is pleased with his bird....

a total of around 10 birds visited the tip this morning.

herring gull gets his wing measured 

even the common Bhg's are cracking this time of year.

Just a small catch today with a small team 

3ad Med Gulls
10 Herring Gull
1 Lesser Black Backed
20 Bhg


  1. Those Med Gulls are really nice close up. I owuld never even have thought of ringing on a tip, but I suppose it's a great place to get them. From Findlay

  2. The BHG pic is cracking. Hope I'll be able to join u gulling soon!