Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Juv/1st winter Yellow-Legged Gull

Yesterday evening had a quick look along the foreshore at Barking, hoping to connect with Dave Mo's Ruff he had in the afternoon, typically no sign at the time i reached site, and the tide was just on the way back out.

Only bird of note was this bruiser juv/1w Yellow-leg that just came in to feed along the tide line, most of the bigger gulls tend to stay on the crossness side so always nice to pick one up here.

showing the characteristic, pale head, dark eye mask, solid dark centres to tertials.

thick dark tail-band, pale belly and undertail coverts, thick stubby bill.

dark outer greater coverts, some grey coming thru on the scaps.

typically very dominant in size.

nice comparison with a smaller LBB. (post attack!)

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