Thursday, 12 September 2013

Sorrento - Italy

Back from a family wedding in Sorrento - Italy.  What a beautiful place.  My first visit to this country and was very impressed with the culture and scenery but absolutely not good for birding!!  Not that it was a birding trip but I obviously packed the bins and camera, but should have not really bothered.

So why is Italy so poor for birding??  The habitat is outstanding, mixed wooded hillsides with plenty of Olive and Oak plantations and its September!!!  Thought I would be tripping over migrants ......nope.

My first afternoon I found a Wood Warbler in the garden and .........................that was it.

Second day was an awesome day.  A day trip to, on and around the island of Capri, what a superb place and in between the boozing on the boat and site seeing just managed a couple of spot fly's a brief Sardinain warbler, Black Kite and several Honey Buzzard through.

Third day - Wedding - drunk.

Fourth Day - Hangover - still drunk

Day five - chillout around pool before home!  All dark eagle sp over + HB thru, Swallow.

Italy Trip list :

Yellow-Legged Gull
Black Kite
Honey Buzzard
Eagle sp
Collard Dove
Italian Sparrow
Sardinian Warbler
Wood Warbler
Hooded Crow
Blue Tit
Great Tit



aaaahhh  a bird, this was about the only bird I saw without it doing the bolt!! 
(probably because I stunned it with a bread roll!!)

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