Sunday, 9 March 2014

Pitsea Catch 8/3/14

Finally some good weather see's me out with the NTGG (north thames gull group), for what is only the second attempt this year, due to the site being a real safety issue with the recent wet conditions.

With the cannon net set and our rubbish delivered it was just a waiting game.  Fortunately the birds were hungry.  An albino Greater black back caused a stir early on, but this bird sporting a Norwegian ring has been knocking around now since December and has had many people in a flap at first site!

Then soon after I pick out the 1w Iceland that again has been seen from at least the new year.  Both these birds flew over the catch area taking no interest in our bait!  Maybe next time........

We managed three catches in total

Catch 1:
41 Black-headed including one control and one retrap, all were colour ringed.
2 Herring Gull.

Catch 2:
113 Black-headed one control and 2 retraps, 66 were colour ringed.
2 Greater Black backed
45 Herring

Catch 3:
74 Black-headed
1 Mediterranean
1 Greater Black backed
84 Herring

Nice to catch this Med Gull almost coming into full breeding plumage, two or three other adult birds alongside a first winter were also seen around the tip area.

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