Thursday, 16 October 2014

Eastern Bonelli's Warbler and OBP

A reported western Bonelli's warbler at Scalloway last Friday sparked a late afternoon twitch for our team on mainland Shetland.  With the bird giving us the briefest of views before the light faded we were eager to connect better views of this bird in the morning, before our departure.

Saturday morning, our last few hours before our flight home, we made our way to Scalloway after a brief stop at Wester Quarff in search of a Little bunting that was showing well the previous evening. We searched the crop field to stumble across a possible candidate - only to discover flushing an OLIVE-BACKED PIPIT in the process.  BOOOOOM our persistence finally paid of with all the hours in the field.

The Bonelli's Warbler played ball a short while after, giving good views up in the canopy, although it didn't call while we were present.  A few local guys clinched the call to reveal the bird as being an EASTERN BONELLI'S!!!!  A new bird for me if eventually accepted?

This Olive-backed pipit was seen the previous day and was a great find for young Sussex birder
George Kinnard who's team included Baggers, J Hanlon and A lawson who then found a second bird! Great to see two birds together, shame my picture doesn't do it justice :-)

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