Friday, 13 February 2015

Rainham Update

Last Weekend was pretty disappointing despite several hours in the field, on both Saturday & Sunday and only adding Green Woodpecker to my personal and team year list.

Today saw my low tide survey along East Tilbury which again was pretty sterile. A brief excitement of a white winger behind a ship up river was short lived after identifying it as the local albino GBB thats been doing the rounds locally!

50 Corn Buntings and the regular showy Stonechats were the only other noteworthy.

A quick pop into Rainham with Mo to pick up some seed reveals, at least 3 Blackcaps feeding on apples put out around the carpark, both Ravens flew low east over the carpark whilst we watched these.


one of todays blackcaps

some pics from last weekend:

brown rat enjoying the free offerings

1st yr male stonechat from this morning at east tilbury.

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