Sunday, 22 March 2015

Kent Survey 21/3/14

So yesterday was our last Kent survey of the winter and couldn't have ended any better for me when I stumbled on this cracking Shorelark.

The bird was in with a small group of Skylark in stubble just south of egypt bay.  Managed a couple of distant record shots before continuing on with my survey.

This has been my third winter surveying this site and between myself and Mo has produced some great birds, Rough-legg, Hen Harrier, Iceland Gull, GG Shrike, 3 Richards, Snow Bunt, wild swans & geese, the list goes on....  hopefully Im back next winter.

Marsh Harrier numbers are now down with birds moving off to their breeding grounds, a few birds are staying.

This Black-tailed godwits life came to an untimely end, presume peregrine fodder!

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