Sunday, 14 February 2010

Lisa Luck

With Valentines day upon us and little Jack being looked after by his Nan, I treated Lisa to a few hours in the life of me, local birding, and looked like beginers luck was on our side. A stop to Valentines park to see Valentino the Med Gull (now for its 10th year) was more embarrasing as Lisa picked him out before me!!

Off to a good start it was of to the bittern watch point at Fishers Green and after a nano second of sitting down a bird appeared right on que from the left hand side of the hide slowly working its way through the channels showing superbly.

Nothing stopping us now it was off to connaught water for the nearly resident Mandarins having dipped them a fortnight ago and almost gave up until a drake bird poked its head up on the last island, also the regular Red crested pochard showed.

Peiking Duck!

Looks like i should drag Lisa out a bit more often!

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