Sunday, 7 February 2010

Rutland + Eyebrook

Me, and Monkey travel up to meet Pops at Rutland, arriving at 08:00 Monkey is straight in the bog carrying out his survey on how good the facilities are, temperature of seat, quality of tracing paper and how many flushes to go down etc etc. (am sure he has a league table on all reserves visited avaliable)

Several Tree sparrows were showing well at the feeding station, and a walk around the reserve we found 2 pair of Goosander, 3 Bullfinch, 25 lesser redpoll, Hawfinch and the 2 Long-Eared Owls on the approach to the Fieldfare hide.

Next to Eyebrook Res to look for G w teal ,with the regular wintering bird present since 06 we surely had a great chance to catch up with this elusive species on my list!!
Though it obviously knew i was in town and decided not to show (bugger,bugger,bugger)

Three Smew including two drakes and Two Whitefronts plus several Red Kites were the consoloation prize.

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