Sunday, 7 March 2010

Filthy Twitching

First Twitch of the year brought me, Bradder's, Jono and the Monkey on a slight detour from our planned day in the Brecks to dirty Dorset on news of a fine drake Bufflehaed seen late lastnite on the fleet having been seen on the sea nearbye earlier in the day,

leaving home at 05:30 we arrive three hours later and reach the fleet to find birder dissapointment! but after half a dozen Scaup and an hour searching news on the pager relocates the bird at Langton Herring. SUPERB!

A visit to the Bill produces a few Razorbill and Guillimots and Red throated diver.

Chisel beach and the fleet

Monkey on Portland

Then it was onto the New Forest for Goshawks, and was very succesful with four birds at one site in the air together displaying, and a single bird at another location.

Several woodlark, Crossbill and Raven rounded of a cracking days birding.

A pit stop at Rainham on the way home 2 catch up on two Bewick's was a site tick in the fading light!!

Rainham Yearlist - Bewicks swan 103

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