Sunday, 23 January 2011

Ring Recovery

Received this e-mail from Richard Thompson regarding last weekend's Herring Gull info,

Many thanks for the sighting and photo of A5FK which is one of my birds.
If you don't already know I manage an RSPCA wildlife centre and we release back to the wild previously sick, injured and orphan wildlife, many of which are gulls
I have released over 3,000 gulls in the last 12 years, most are Larus argentatus, with a few fuscus, marinus and one michahallis. All birds are released from Pett Level, East Sussex 50:55N. 00:42E.
I also ring wild birds, which includes roof nesting gulls.

A5FK, GC42061, ringed 16/8/2007. It was admitted into the centre as a small orphan chick from Brighton and remained in the centre for 64 days.
There have been several other sightings of this bird, Gloucester Landfill site 2/1/2008, Blaringhem landfill site, France 28/2/2008, Barking park 31/1/2009, 5/3/2009.

The French sighting was a little unexpected so soon after the Gloucester sighting, but it was a reliable observer.
Many thanks again for the photo and the sighting details.

Thanks again Richard and H for contact.

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