Sunday, 2 January 2011

Wild Goose Chase

It was off to Cantley Marshes today for Me, Monkey and Jono in search of the Lesser White-fronted Goose, on arriving we find Some Pinkfeet and Whitefront's but no sign of any Taiga Beans in which the bird has been associating with.

After a short while both bradders Jnr/snr arrive and we all walk down to school lane where we eventually find some Taiga beans but still no joy with our target species.

We then move onto Buckenham Marshes without success bar several thousand Wigeon, a small party of ruff and two Peregrines.

Then news breaks that the bird is located back at our previous location (school lane) and it wasn't long before we were enjoying satisfactory views of the Lesser front amongst the Taiga beans and greater whitefronts just beyond the railway line, the bird was considerably smaller than its near bye cousins and showed its larger white blaze and yellow orbital ring.

A Hooded crow and Two Egyptian Geese are seen and Marsh Tit and Tawny Owl heard.

It was now 12 noon and we headed off to Thornham Harbour on the north Norfolk coast to hopefully connect with the Northern Harrier (American Marsh Hawk) that has taken up residence.

Even though present since october the Harrier is still a crowd puller.

Arriving at 13:30 we had to wait an hour and half before the bird flew into view and began hunting the saltings in front off us and even catching what looked like a small wader, in flight the bird looked very orange on the underparts and darker upperparts with its hood like appearance, we had cracking views of this bird also on the deck preening.

We also added Spotted Redshank and Barn Owl before returning home, as we past Snettisham at dusk skiens of Pinkfeet went over in there Thousands which was a magical sight to see.

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