Saturday, 22 October 2011

Gull Ringing at Rainham

Met up with the NTGG (north thames gull group) this morning for a gull catch at rainham landfill site and special thanks too Paul Roper and co for inviting me along.

The small group of us met up at 7am and we were escorted to our favoured location on the tip where a fresh disposal was awaiting, so we set up the cannon netting and stood back until Paul was happy to fire, waiting until most birds gad settled on the freshly tossed rubbish.
setting up the canon net.
laying the bait.
BANG!! net fired we rush to the net and begin bagging our catch, an hour later net safely away and birds bagged we move to a safer area where we begin too ring the birds.
net is fired.
bagging the catch.
GBB getting ringed....
GBB not happy at being ringed and measured!!
2nd year Yellow legged gull
All large gulls caught with mainly Herring (c150) half a dozen Lesser Black Backed with a single Greater Black Backed, several Yellow-Legged Gulls and a single Caspian.
1st w Caspian(left) with yellow leg, note classic all white head, steep forehead, and long bill
note Caspian bite harder than herring!!
1st year yellow legged gull (left) and Caspian gull underwing, note caspian paleness almost white.
Again a big thankyou to all the team for a fantastic morning.

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