Monday, 3 October 2011

Playing it Cool !!

After turning down a lift to Aberdeen last week for the Sandhill Crane i thought i must have been Mental!! but i just couldn't bare the thought of sitting in a car for the best part of 24hours so jokingly said Na thanks ill wait till it comes a bit closer!!

OK, yesterday the Crane has relocated to Suffolk around lunch time and on one of the hottest days of the year myself, shaunboy and monkey all have family commitments all involving BBQ's and Drinking, all texing each other " r u going ? can u go ? shit not really she will kill me !! after 30,000 texe's and 3 billion phone calls we decide not to go and play it cool and wait for after work tomorrow.

Tomorrow comes the bird is still there ! monkey cracks has half day goes with billy no mates, me and Shaunboy wait till 3pm before and then panic and head to Boyton, why all the panic?? the bird shows superbly and only 200yds away and even get a fly pass !! SUPERB.

some dodgy digiscoped pics

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