Sunday, 22 April 2012

Aythya Hybrid

A call from John Archer this afternoon had me scampering over to South Park, where a duck was reported to him as being a drake Ferruginous Duck!!  midway peeling the Sunday spuds I shot out leaving a very confused wife, to find in fact a hybrid bird showing quite well amongst several Tufted and Pochard, which at first when it came up from the depths had me excited until it turned around to reveal a rather large pale flanks/sides and overall size of the bird was large, if not larger than the nearbye Tufties, head shape rather round with a bottle green sheen to the rear of the head, large billed but with a white band, but did have the pale iris a fudge should have!!

So what is it??  Fudge x Pochard    or   Fudge x Tufted   or other ??

Comments Welcome please.

Bye the way my spuds came out awesome.........

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