Friday, 13 April 2012

Dr Alfredo Barrera M. Botanical Garden

Is a site I wanted to visit previously and offers 60-hectare patch of medium height tropical forest via a 3km of well maintained trails.
In addition to a path through the native forest there are educational dislays of Cacti, Ornimentals, Medicinal plants and a small Maya ruin.

About a 25 min ride from Cancun just south of the village of Puerto Morelos, and cost just a couple of quid in one of these mini busses.

don't get there to early !!

Along the paths most of the American warblers can be seen as well as both Spot breasted and White-bellied Wren, Green and Brown Jay's, both Cinnamon and Buff-bellied hummer's and Lesser Greenlet's up in the Canopy, further along added both Yucatan Flycatcher and Woodpecker.

Magnolia Warbler

American Redstart

Northern waterthrush

In addition to the birds there are many Lizards, Snakes and the occasional Crock!!!

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