Saturday, 4 May 2013

£30 Duck

After last nights birders drink it was a late start at the patch, not arriving till well after 10am!!

First bird was a spanking male Whinchat which was my second of the spring.  With a blowing westerly birds seemed thin on the ground.  Managed to spot one of the Whitethroats that I rung from last week as well as the pair of Long tail tits too.

Only other noteworthy bird was an Arctic Tern with twenty Commons feeding on the dropping tide.

News of a drake Long Tailed Duck came through at Fairlop which is just up the road to me and was found by Alan Bell.  Not been here for some time I pulled up and headed towards the sailing lake where I located the bird on the north bank.  Stunning bird and not often we get the chance to see these species in summer plume in London.

After having enjoyed this bird for five minutes a windsurfer headed towards it and flushed it from view and couldn't be relocated !!

So arriving back to the car I find a parking ticket courtesy of Redbridge council for the sum of £30 for not displaying a Pay and Display ticket !! THIS WAS NEWS TO ME .WAN@ERS.


the £30 Long-Tailed Duck


  1. Hi,Paul, Opposite the entrance to Fairlop Waters, about 50yds each way there are spaces between the double yellows where you can park. Might save you another £30 I use GoogleMap Street View to check Parking when I visit sites. Hope this helps.

  2. Grandes imágenes, de estos animales
    Un gran saludo de un seguidor

  3. Thanks for Comments Guys.

    Thanks Geoff i used to visit fairlop fairly regular but obviously the last time it was pre pay and display !! so was none the wiser. :( will learn from my mistake.

  4. Could be worse mate it could have been £300 for some sausages!!!! Bleeping scum wheelclampers!