Thursday, 11 July 2013

79 not out

Just been checking my ringing totals for my site and from the end of April to last night it stands at 79 birds in just six sessions, not bad for such a small site, and with the number of re-traps you can count on one hand !!

Anyway Thirteen new birds last night including my first Greenfinch (juv) and a good number of juvenile Common Whitethroats the highlights.


Common Whitethroat - 8 juv - 1ad
Reed Warbler - 1 ad
Greenfinch - 1 juv
Blackbird - ad fem
Dunnock - ad
Robin -1 juv


  1. So do they smell? Serious science this: not a great thing for a ground-nesting bird to smell so that a predator can easily sniff them out, find them and their young... so do they smell?

  2. Nick I will get sniffing these birds on the next session and report back to you :-)