Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Cob'a (part 2)

The ruins are open from 8am and an early start is essential to avoid the crowds, which build up from 10am and becomes a bit of a zoo towards midday, the forest here offers good birdwatching and you can catch up with most of the commoner American wood warblers and a good selection of Mexican species too.

summer tanager

yellow-winged tanager

greyish saltator

Not all the bird are so easy to photograph up in the canopy but this odd looking eye-ringed flatbill is worth sharing !

These Ruddy ground doves are fairly common in the right habitat.

This Caribbean dove was another new species for me.

This Yellow-throated vireo was all to brief and just managed a record shot before he moved through, this was my first in 23 years !!

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