Sunday, 24 November 2013

Patch Rewards.

Having turned down a couple of offers today to twitch the Orphean in Wales I decided to do the decent thing and go to work!!  Yes being self employed sometimes has its disadvantages but 10 + hours in the car was not really selling it for me either.

Anyway getting home at 14:30 I decided to have a quick look at the mighty Maysebrook Park, which is just a stones throw from my home, and with just over an hours worth of light chose to visit my local park that I have neglected for the last couple of months.

On arrival it was evident that the lake was covered in gulls, this is quite normal for a Sunday as most of the local tips being closed all day gives sites like this an opportunity to pick up something a little different.

Boom!  A fine red head GOOSANDER appears in view, and only my third for the site.  As I grab the camera for a few record shots I scan around only to discover a bloody GOLDENEYE.  This is only my second record with an over wintering female some 15years or so ago!!

Too much Excitemen!! I scan amongst the gulls and find this advanced second winter YELLOW-LEGGED GULL, this being another second record ever for me here.

And if it couldn't get any better a flyover juv PEREGRINE put in a brief appearance.

So what a great buzz for such a short visit, and probably much more of a buzz than I would have got seeing that taffy warbler!


  1. What brilliant set a birds to see. Sometimes you only need a little bit of time. From Findlay

  2. I already saw your Tweet and was hoping for some pictures. And here they are indeed, Hawky. Great to see the Goosander and the Peregrine. But the other pictures are very nice too. I just have to visit Mayesbrook Park soon.

  3. Great stuff Paul, pleased to see Mayesbrook is still pulling them in!

  4. U can't knock that haul mate - nice one. And it was only 9 hrs 55 mins!!