Sunday 28 February 2010

Patch Update

With the forecast of a howling N/NE gale it was of to Rainham for a high spring tide river watch and on arriving at 08:45 we perched ourselves on the balcony of the centre and realised it was a howling westerly! though we stuck it out as the weather was so poor to do any other birding we was rewarded with an adult little gull amoung the 2500-3000 black heads passing by per hour! and was certainly part of a movement.

Oystercatcher was also a site year tick and 9 ringed plover and 500 dunlin moved through.

little gull (there somewhere!)


Rainham yearlist: 101 Oystercatcher 102 Little Gull

Saturday 27 February 2010


A afternoon twitch around the north circular for the finchley waxwing which had been present several days now was very successful and after an hours wait the bird flew in to its favourite berry tree giving stunning views down to just a couple of yards.

M25 Red Kite

Blackcap in the garden this morning

Saturday 20 February 2010


A couple of hours on the patch this afternoon of which felt like a spring day produced no new year ticks but 2 Short-eared owls and 3 Corn bunting the highlights.

Tuesday 16 February 2010

Dusky Warbler

Two London ticks in two days! skived from work early doors and with the help of Mr Tweed meeting me at Blackhoarse road staition and bringing his spare pair of bins along, it was not long before we were fence hoping and plank walking our way on to lockwood, after half hours searching we locate the bird 300yds along the relief channel calling and eventuly giving itself up to show well.

No 255 for the London listers out there.

Monday 15 February 2010

Who said february's quite?

Early finish from work and it was a family trip to southend seafront for Rossi and chips with a Sanderling and brent side.




A call from Andy to say he has found 2 Pinkfeet on Wennington was superbly timed as we was just leaving and that Rainham was on the way home!

pic by mr Tweed

Rainham yearlist - 100 Pinkfoot.

with Penduline seen on site this morning and Dusky warbler at Walthamstow im sure it will be a busy weekend coming.

Sunday 14 February 2010

Lisa Luck

With Valentines day upon us and little Jack being looked after by his Nan, I treated Lisa to a few hours in the life of me, local birding, and looked like beginers luck was on our side. A stop to Valentines park to see Valentino the Med Gull (now for its 10th year) was more embarrasing as Lisa picked him out before me!!

Off to a good start it was of to the bittern watch point at Fishers Green and after a nano second of sitting down a bird appeared right on que from the left hand side of the hide slowly working its way through the channels showing superbly.

Nothing stopping us now it was off to connaught water for the nearly resident Mandarins having dipped them a fortnight ago and almost gave up until a drake bird poked its head up on the last island, also the regular Red crested pochard showed.

Peiking Duck!

Looks like i should drag Lisa out a bit more often!

Friday 12 February 2010

Water Rail (Rainham)

All quite on the patch this morning bar a couple of showy Water Rail and only adding one year tick, Jay along the approach road.

Rainham yearlist - 99 Jay

Tuesday 9 February 2010

Local Stuff 9-2-10

Rainham was quiet so it was on to the Ingerbourne to catch up on Dave Mo's weekends finds,
3 White fronted geese in with the Greylags in the top paddock and a female Red Crested Pochard on the reservoir both birds viewable from the road.

A visit to Mollands gravel pits produces Black-necked grebe + 2 redhead Smew and fem Blackcap.

Sunday 7 February 2010

Rutland + Eyebrook

Me, and Monkey travel up to meet Pops at Rutland, arriving at 08:00 Monkey is straight in the bog carrying out his survey on how good the facilities are, temperature of seat, quality of tracing paper and how many flushes to go down etc etc. (am sure he has a league table on all reserves visited avaliable)

Several Tree sparrows were showing well at the feeding station, and a walk around the reserve we found 2 pair of Goosander, 3 Bullfinch, 25 lesser redpoll, Hawfinch and the 2 Long-Eared Owls on the approach to the Fieldfare hide.

Next to Eyebrook Res to look for G w teal ,with the regular wintering bird present since 06 we surely had a great chance to catch up with this elusive species on my list!!
Though it obviously knew i was in town and decided not to show (bugger,bugger,bugger)

Three Smew including two drakes and Two Whitefronts plus several Red Kites were the consoloation prize.