Sunday 25 April 2010

Rainham again!

Another two year ticks today which were a drake Garganey on aveley pools and several Arctic Terns amongst 40+ Commons today on the river which also produced another garganey up river mid morning.

Two adult Little Gulls and half a dozen Wheatear which included at least a couple of Greenland birds were also seen along with several more Whimbrel.

There is more than one bush boys!

Rainham Yearlist - 127 Garganey 128 Arctic Tern

Saturday 24 April 2010

Today at Rainham

Early morning start at the west end and silts produces at least 4 reeling Grasshopper Warblers as well as many Reed and Sedge Warblers.

Along the seawall and cycle path both Willow Warbler and Common Tern were new year ticks for the site as were House Martin and several Swift, Singing Nightingale on the reserve mid morning was only my third record and a nice suprise for me and shaunboy.

Rainham Year-List 121 Yellow Wag 122 Reed Warbler 123 Willow Warbler 124 Swift
125 Nightingale 126 House Martin

Saturday 17 April 2010

Gropper at rm 17-4-10

A Grasshopper warbler on the silts this morning found by Mr Callahan was still reeling mid morning with a possible second bird reeling further on.

On the reserve my first Lesser Whitethoat of the year was singing along the approach track with a few more common whitethroats new inn as were several chiffchaff and Blackcaps.

Rainham Yearlist - 119 Lesser Whitethroat 120 Grasshopper Warbler

Thursday 15 April 2010

What no Planes??

No planes over London or the UK today due to Volcanic cloud arriving from Icelands mount Eyjalljokull (try saying that after a few Nelson Mandel la's)

Rainham Sunset

At least the Rainham Short-eared owls weren't grounded, at least two birds showing this evening, also a Whimbrel in Aveley was my first this year.

Rainham Year list - 118 Whimbrel

Sunday 11 April 2010

Patch Update

An early morning Text from Dave Mo to say a Gropper was reeling at the west end of Rainham gave me and jack an excuse to get out early leaving Mum to nurse a hangover!

We arrived 06:45 and just as we were getting out the car Mo rings again to say he has 4 Common Scoter on the river and can be viewed from aveley bay, back in the car we arrive 30 seconds later to find the Scoter (2 pair) still showing tho mobile, a few more Whitethroat and several sedge warblers are in song.

Common Scoter

After Breakfast me and Jono are back on the patch adding Bar-tailed godwit and Sand martin to the year list.

Common Lizard

Rainham Yearlist 114 Sedge Warbler 115 Common Scoter 116 Bar-wit 117 Sand martin.

Thursday 8 April 2010

Costa Del Continued....

News of a Black-Winged Stilt at Rainham this morning had me dashing straight from work this evening and sure enough the bird stayed and showed well on Purfleet scrape.

Hoopoe an all to brief Alpine swift and B W Stilt, what else does Rainham have to offer this spring???

Lets hope the bird stays tomorrow so Jono can twitch it from Scotland!!
Rainham Yearlist -112 Black-Winged Stilt 113 Whitethroat

Stilt Vid below.

Monday 5 April 2010

Kensington Gardens

A family trip to London would be rude without visiting the Tawny Owls in the park!

"found them"




"Tic and Run"

"Was that a Nuthatch?"

Sunday 4 April 2010

Costa del Local!!

What a Day...... a start at Warren gorge (chafford hundred, essex) for last nites reported Alpine Swift with no joy by 9 am me and Redsy head for shellness (sheppey) for a Kentish Plover which showed very well and was a lifer for Redsy.

Then just as we were leaving news of the Swift arrive and we begin to head back home, 45 Minutes later were back at the gorge watching the Alpine swift.

Back home by 12:30 and not a bad morning at all, then at 15:40 my sunday roast was shattered with a call fro Jono (who is in Scotland, thanks dude) that there is a Hoopoe at Rainham, a very loving and understanding Lisa says '' go on, put your dinner in the the mic'' before you could say bubble and squeak i was bombing it down the A13 towards RM.

Me and Shaunboy arrive together and we make our way along the northen boardwalk to find H had organised the crowd so the bird was not flushed and pushed off like the last bird that was here!! well done dude, and before long the bird appeared on the fence and railway embankment giving good but distant views.

Rainham Yearlist - 111 Hoopoe (and site tick)

below vid of todays Kentish Plover.

Friday 2 April 2010

RM 2/4/10

A bitterly cold morning at Rainham Marshes today but still managed a few spring migrants 4 Swallows shivered there way north and 5 Wheatears along the seawall and 2 LRP on the reserve.

The new butt scrape/target pools hide is coming on and should be complete by the end of the month and looks awesome!
Rainham yearlist 110 Swallow

see woody woodpecker.