Monday 10 August 2015

Still Alive!

Wow, well over a month since my last blog post, been busy ringing most weekends, working hard to getting my C permit which hopefully is not to far away.

The patch has been a bit neglected of late but did manage to add both Wood Sandpiper and a long overdue Barn owl putting me on 124 for the Rainham year list.

Hopefully some more birding now the autumn is here, I feel a dunge seawatch calling....

Some pictures below of my latest ringing antics

Marsh tit caught 8.8.15 was the autumns first

Spot flys was a new species ringed by me, 2 juvenile birds the above bird more advanced.

this spot fly nest was found nearbye, probably second brood with 3 newly hatched young.

male Nuthatch ringed 2.8.15

Lesser Whitethroat ringed 2.8.15

Little Owl (ad male) ringed 28.7.15

Corncrake (juv) ringed at private site 29.7.15