Monday 29 December 2014

Wallasea Island 29/12/14

My first jaunt out to this new RSPB reserve for me this afternoon accompanied by Mo, We saw no fewer than six Short-eared Owls in view at one time, as well as at least one ringtail Hen Harrier and the superb Rough-legged Buzzard, which gave great scope views despite looking into the sun.

The owls never came really that close despite us using the car as a hide, great birds to watch though.

rough leg


Sunday 28 December 2014

Rainham RSPB 28/12/14

Got along the seawall early doors today, and as luck would have it just caught sight of the 3 Bewick's Swans heading off the reserve south @07:48.  Over the river Thames, up over crayford and continued south.

This has happened a few times in recent years with birds coming in late to roost and heading off at first light, so was well pleased I connected.

Walking down towards the centre it was evident that the first real cold spell of the winter had shaken a few birds around.  With both Fieldfare and Redwing seen in good numbers and plenty of wildfowl & waders shuffling around.

After catching up with H & Dom in the centre I headed out back west along the seawall adding a pair of Stonechat and a flock of Golden Plover over.  Scanning across the target pools I could see another stocky white swan which turned out to be another Bewick, and shortly after another bird passed infront of me over the seawall to join.

With both Peregrine (carrying prey) and Raven west over wennington, it turned out not a bad couple of hours birding with the regular Marsh harriers and Buzzard also noted.

Lets hope the swans stick around for the new year for when there could be some serious competition materialising. Watch this space!

Saturday 27 December 2014

Valentino, Valentines Park, Ilford.

Seems ages since Ive last been out due to Christmas parties and work commitments, so it was great to get out for an hour on Christmas eve, decided to pay Valentino a visit, the regular wintering Med gull, now back for its Fifteenth winter!

Cracking views and regularly comes to bread, so well worth a visit if your passing through.

Egyptian geese have spread to every local park now.

Just to keep you in that Christmas mood. :-)

Found this smart Red-breasted goose in mayesbrook park the other day, smart bird despite its origin!

Saturday 13 December 2014

Ringing 13/12/14

Managed a few hours out ringing this morning first for some time, very cold! though dry and no wind it was perfect conditions, which resulted in over 60 birds being processed today.

Highlights were a dozen Redwing, second site Marsh Tit and three Great spots and a single Nuthatch which was new for me.

Yellowhammer and good numbers of Gold & Chaffinch amongst the regulars.

marsh tit

fem Nuthatch