Thursday 30 June 2016

More Raptor Ringing

Having ringed Peregrines last month which was gonna be hard to top,  I was very fortunate that PR had found the nest of a pair of Red Kites, nesting on our ringing site up in herts.  Even better when PR emailed me to ask me was if i was interested in ringing the young!!

Richard, our climber, had been in touch and was keen to get involved.  A great job he had done.

Three very docile birds were brought down and processed, absolutely amazing birds.  Hopefully these birds will stick around for us to enjoy.

Friday 10 June 2016

White Faced Capuchins

The hotel grounds held good number of Howler Monkeys but my favourites were the group of White Faced Capuchins that could be seen in the nearby dry forest.

Unfortunately many of the hotel guest feed these despite being asked not to.....

Wednesday 8 June 2016

Beach Life

A few more images from my recent trip to Costa Rica,  Spotted Sandpiper's were a daily occurrence along the beach with some days holding up to half a dozen birds of various plumage's.

Hudsonian Whimbrel was seen on a couple of days very early in the morning and was a new species for me.

Magnificent Frigate birds are a constant feature along the beach.