Wednesday 16 February 2011

Slaty-backed Gull (in the bag at last)

Today i got very lucky, i managed to see the putative Slaty Backed Gull with just ten seconds to spare before it flew east, Andy Tweed picked the bird back on the tip early this afternoon and was seen intermittently throughout the rest of the day on the tip and on wennington marsh, having left work early for an doctors appointment was in the surgery when both H and Andy rang to say the bird is on the Target Pools now!!! 3 injections later i was running to the car where i kidnapped both Lisa and jack and before you could say ''where are we going'' we was bombing down coldhaurbour lane, hand brake turn in aveley bay car park, abandoned car, sprinting too the Serin mound and the rest was history.......

Thanks too Alan bell and other very friendly birder for scope views.

And special thanks to the Blowmonkey/Andy/H for news as i did not have pager with me.

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