Tuesday 14 June 2011

Roller- upper hollelsey, Suffolk.

Week night twitches are most welcome during the late spring/early summer and last nights was no exception when a stunning adult ROLLER was discovered on upper hollelsey common in Suffolk, having never twitched one before in over twenty years this was the perfect opportunity to add to my British and world list.

Myself, Bradders and the Monkey all meet up after work and it wasn't long before we were heading up the A12 and made great time on what is normally a nightmare of a road during rush hour.

Out the car and there it was, what a SUPERB, STUNNING bird and we was never tired of watching it as it hawked bee's and caught what looked like a worm as it patrolled the MOD base perimeter fence at a distance of probably 200-300 metres, bit distant for the camera but stunning scope views.

Several high fives later with Shaunboy and Dirty Dick it was off for a celebratory fish supper where the roll continued in discovering a superb male Stag Beetle which seem to take a fancy to me before flying off to a near bye garden.

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