Saturday 24 September 2011

WRYNECK on the patch (in your face shetland!)

Got to the patch at 9am this morning and straight away was rewarded with a singing Cetti's Warbler in the cemex ditch, a year and patch tick after ringing Dave Mo who was also on site we meet on the river path and scanning the shoreline i picked up a distant wader which looked very much like a Knot.

Closer examination reveal it is a Knot and another patch tick added we watched the bird feeding before the tide moved it on.

Walking back east me and mo split as i head off towards the scrub and i turn to dave to say I'm off in search of a wryneck! dave chuckles and heads along the river path, literally 5 minutes later i am watching some Starlings chomping on blackberry's when another bird catches my eye buffy brown job moving through the brambles i move a little closer watching the excact spot, and i say to myself wryneck surely not, not on them views then again a birds pops out on the side of the brambles and before raising my bins was thinking oh a wheatear, SHIT ITS A FUCKING WRYNECK.....A FUCKING WRYNECK.... i grab the camera and fire of twenty shots before what looked like it dropped down , heart racing i ring the Mo who instantly comes over but for fruitless search we are unable to locate it again! lets hope it gives itself up in the next day or so.

Walking back to the car other birds around are 2 Whinchat, 2 Wheatear and 2 showy Hobby's.

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