Saturday 18 February 2012

Bad Day Turn Good.

After a 4am start, myself, Jono and Nick arrive in Rhiwderyn, Gwent south Wales, and along with 150+ birders we searched the surrounding fields in search of the recent Common Yellowthroat, with the weather turning for the worst and several hours past with not even a sniff of the bird it all seemed too clear that the bird had done a bunk!

nearly had 150 of these in one field !!

By 12:30 we decided to cut our losses and head for a change of scenery and try and add some ticks for Nick, which involved a drake LESSER SCAUP at nearbye Penarth which showed very well and an adult BONAPARTE'S GULL that we relocated in Cardiff Bay sewage works.

Lesser scaup

Adult Bonaparte's Gull

Between these birds we discover that the Yellowthroat had again been seen briefly so with high hopes and adrenalin flowing it was back to the warbler site to discover most birders dispersing the site having all getting satisfactory views of the bird, leaving just a mere 25-30 birders to try and relocate the bird, and after several glimpses and another 90 minutes eventually the COMMON YELLOWTHROAT finally gave itself up, what a bright and cracking little bird it was and well worth the wait and getting wet for, our happy party finally headed home well chuffed on what started out looking like it was gonna be a dippy day....

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