Sunday 17 June 2012

The Breck's

A trip to the Breck's and being Father's Day was joined by Pops (aka Bagsy) and dirty filthy twitcher Lethbridge, on a more relaxed trip to north west Suffolk.

First stop "Foxhole" for Stone Curlew, where no fewer than 8 birds on show, and fairly well they did.



Then onto the RSPB of Lakenheath, where they have done well in creating proper paths and watch points for our enjoyment, having known this site for years pre RSPB days,  the days when you could walk basically anywhere!! i guess all good things come to an end, but Marsh Harriers and Bitterns are now easy to see here so big up the RSPB.


pops checks out the latest sightings

And the only place known publicly to see one of Britain's rarest breeding birds the Golden Oriole, where we heard (but didn't see!) no fewer than 5 birds.....

Tho the bird that did steal the show was a juvy Jackdaw that basically showed down to ..... well nothing .... it even sat on my hand.

After this before heading home we had some cracking showy Common Redstart's at an undisclosed site.


another juv ready for his bed!

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