Monday 27 August 2012

Flycatcher Double

Early start again today with a river watch to start resulting in several large groups of Common Tern with at least 2 juv Arctic up-river amongst them, many Common Sands around with at least 20 birds seen, but little else.

So moving on to middle ditch it became quite evident that Barking had has a mini fall !! firstly an increase in Whitethroat numbers, and at least 10 Robins which where yesterday there were none!

2 Whinchat appear from nowhere !! and then BOOM  a stunning PIED FLYCATCHER pops up in front of me shows well for a short while, before disappearing back in the ditch, what a patch tick and a site first too.
I phone digi-scoped

Pied fly
Lesser Whitethroat was the next bird to show before locating a SPOTTED FLYCATCHER !! (2nd record for me) unbelievable both flycatchers together in the same bush!!

                                                                        Spot fly

Wheatear and several Yellow Wags topped of a great couple of hours patch birding.


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  2. Hi, Paul been following your blog for a while and thought i would give the bay a go earlier. I can see the appeal- even if there were not many birds about earlier. Couple of questions: Where do you park outside of the hours of 8-5 when it says the gates are locked? Also where is this middle ditch you talk about? Thanks in advance.
    Rob F

  3. Marc thanks for comment's, never as good as your pics tho !! :)

    James no prob, will link soon, and thanks for looking.

    Hi Rob, you can park just out-side the gate and walk thru kissing gate take path to river, the middle ditch is about a quarter of a mile east along river path, it runs south to north and is where i get most of the passerines, and also the scrubby mound further on, all the grassy area is ok, but all the raised earth is a working site so out of bounds. good luck and hope to see you over there some day.

    1. Thanks for the speedy reply, see you over there sometime. You wont miss me - Im usually pushing a buggy :p