Sunday 2 December 2012

Long-Tailed Duck

With Waxwing fever gripping the nation I decided to try a few local water bodies, with the last few night temperatures plummeting to below freezing I headed to the Mollands lane complex in search of some winter duck and was rewarded in finding a female LONG-TAILED DUCK on the Grange waters boating lake.

Bizarrely the only ever time I had been to grange waters was to twitch a L-T duck that Mo had found some ten year or so ago !! and was discussing this earlier !!

I phone scoped pics

The lake was closed on arrival so some stalking around the back was in order if anyone plans to visit this site.

Pretty quiet otherwise the usual duck and grebes, siskin and still plenty of winter thrushes around.


  1. Well done squire,wouldn't might betting its the same female.

  2. nice work Paul. Glad to see the cold weather has paid off for you.