Saturday 2 February 2013

Pitsea Catch 2-02-13

My first Gull ringing session of the new year and once again it did not disappoint, with just a small group today at Pitsea landfill it was just one catch with some 276 birds of six species trapped and ringed, the majority being Herring with some larger argentatus ringed too and certainly were more of a handful than our own birds !!

the mele...

Several recoveries were netted and a control bird was caught bearing a Russian ring will be interesting.

Black-headed gulls were all colour ringed as were the Two adult Common.

Other larger Gulls consisted of several Lesser black backs and a dozen Greater black backs and an interesting first year bird that when netted was thought to be a yellow legg turned out to be in fact a Caspian Gull.

Though this bird seemed a bit odd, in not showing any grey on the mantle, and upper mandible possibly showing some deformity, though the spots along the greater coverts, pale underwing and steep pale forehead, long bill showed signs of classic Caspian.

Two adult Med gulls flew overhead and a Woodcock along the entrance track were also seen.

some of the local foxes.......

this one was in a skip !!!

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