Friday 27 December 2013


News breaking on boxing day of the discovery of a Brunnichs Guillemot, a high arctic species related to our own common guillemot, was sure enough having most birders chomping at the bit - but that they had to do the decent thing and visit the in-laws rather than go twitching.  Unless you are abnormal of course!

Arriving at 09:30 and already a couple of hundred birders present, the bird had done a bunk and was feeding out somewhere in the main harbour.  Fortunately the bird returned (after giving us the run around) to its favoured roosting mooring!

The bird was giving excellent views and if you were lucky enough to be standing in the right position when the bird surfaced you could have been lucky to grab a half decent pic.  I unfortunately did not get lucky, but none the less was more than happy seeing this Mega rare bird.

With a supporting cast of a GLOSSY IBIS in Weymouth and a LESSER YELLOWLEGS at Lepe Country Park (Hants), and of course seeing Great northen diver and Black guillemot it wasn't a bad day out.

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