Saturday 8 February 2014

Some Sign of Spring.

It was a blustery East Tilbury survey yesterday but if not for the weather, surely the bird activity was suggesting that spring is just around the corner.

One of the first birds picked up was an unseasonal Whimbrel that flew along the shoreline, and even called to salvage my sanity!  Surely this has to be the same wintering bird that has been recorded along the north Kent coast over the past couple of winters.

With the wind keeping most small stuff down, there were still a dozen or so Skylarks singing there heads off and chasing each other over the long grass.

The other notable change was the absence of the Avocet flock, with peaks of over a thousand birds back in December I couldn't find a single bird at low tide! So it looks like they are on territory already or on their way.

A Marsh Harrier and flock of sixty Black-wit were the only other highlights as well as three pairs of Stonechat seen.

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