Sunday 11 October 2015

Flycatcher at Dunrossness 4.10.15 Just a Pied?

So back from another week on Shetland, not a classic full of Mega's week that we expected!  Looking at the weather forecast, you would have been chomping at the bit to have been on the islands, but very much enjoyable none the less, with still some cracking birds seen.

Late afternoon on our second day we found this Flycatcher in a Dunrossness garden, it showed fairly well and we all commented on the large white patch on the primary coverts.  Not too familiar with the rarer flycatchers in this plumage I began taking some shots of the bird whilst Andy tried to download images on his phone to compare.  With little or no reception we decided to head back to base obviously birding our way back to the lighthouse.

After scrutinising our photos with images on the laptop/fieldguide it seemed our flycatcher was causing some debate between us, with some pictures showing our bird to show the large white wing patch and hint of a second wing bar, though a fairly broad white edge to the tertials possibly favouring Pied?

Speaking to some very well respected local birders that evening, it seemed most were interested in seeing this bird in the morning.

Unfortunately the bird had disapeared overnight!!

Below are some images, comment if you dare....

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