Monday 1 February 2016

Pitsea Catch 23/1/16

A great session with 448 birds caught today including a Russian control, nothing surprising but a good mix, and most birds colour ringed.

Catch 1

SpeciesRingedRetrapsControlsColour ringed
Black-headed Gull11550119
Great Black-backed Gull4004
Common Gull2002
Herring Gull871022
Catch totals20860147

Catch 2

SpeciesRingedRetrapsControlsColour ringed
Black-headed Gull582058
Great Black-backed Gull310131
Common Gull1001
Herring Gull13521114
Catch totals22542204
Trip totals433102351

Birds were soon interested in feeding soon as the compactor moved away.

This adult Lesser black backed was a recent capture and was keeping clear today!

As was this adult Med Gull which couldn't be tempted into the catch area.

theres always next week...........

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