Sunday 24 April 2016


I had a trip out from the hotel to the Monteverde cloud forest.  This was a Thomson run trip so wasn't expecting to see too much, but was keen for a change of scenery.  Plus it was a long way to come and not take the opportunity to go visit a cloud forest!

The journey was a slow four hour minibus ride for our group of twenty.  We went up 1600 metres above sea level on absolute terrible road surface, but this was broken up by a stop at a coffee plantation on route, which to be honest wasn't my cup of tea..... lol

A worth wile visit though as this gave my only opportunity to see Two-toed sloth.  Two were seen not doing too much, hanging around proper sloth style.

Also a nose around here after some lunch produced Rufous-collard sparrow, Common Today-flycatcher, Brown Jay, Yellow-faced grassquit and a fly through Swallow-tailed Kite.

rufous-collared sparrow

swallow-tailed kite harassed by boat billed flycatcher (i think!)

Finally reaching Monteverde (Hanging Bridges), we done the loop trail led by our guide who wasn't too clued up on the bird calls!  We did manage to help him out in finding a singing male Three-Wattled Bellbird and shortly after a pair of superb Resplendent Quetzals (both my target birds!)

the stunning Three-wattled bellbird

on top of everyones wish list - The Quetzal 


Both Collared and Slate throated Redstarts were seen alongside three Black Guan a singing White-throated thrush and several Three-striped warblers fed up in the canopy.  Not bad for an hours walk!

Black Guan

white-throated thrush

The last visit here was the superb Hummingbird garden.  I was absolutely blown away by the number of Hummers zapping around the feeders provided.  An absolute must for anyone visiting Costa Rica.

fem Green-crowned brilliant

fem Purple-throated mountain gem


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  1. The Quetzal are superb, but those hummingbird pics blew me away! 12 weeks till I go!