Monday 16 November 2009

Serin's return to Rainham

With a report of 1 or 2 Serins reported (again, as 3+ birds were present last autumn) at the west end of the reserve, and a free afternoon off work, it was an ideal opportunity to go and check it out. I arrived at 12:30 and there were several local birders looking (inc Jono Leth, the filthy dirty year lister!). I gave it a couple of hours in blustery conditions and was about to leave when I picked the bird up in flight with a small flock of goldfinch, before disapearing from view.

A male Marsh Harrier was an added bonus hunting the reed bed by the owl box, until harrassed by local corvids and chased south of the river.

Male Marsh Harrier

Harrased by local corvids

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