Sunday 29 November 2009

STOPP PRESS- Monkey reported at rainham

News broke of several un-confirmed phone calls that Martin the blowmonkey was making his way to Rainham RSPB, having needed this species for a rm life and London tick. I dashed to Ferry Lane, calling Shaunboy on route who was idealy placed nearbye. We arrived together and began to suggest the best watch point for such a rare species to occur. Bagsy travelled down from Leicester and Jono as far as Wansted ,we eagerly awaited the monkey-mobil. Just as we were about to give up the little blue focus apppeared in the distance and before we knew it the Monkey was showing well down to several feet for all to see, unluckly my camera batteries were dead but hopefuly someone should have some pics.

Blowmonkey sp on scilly oct 09 (6th from right)

Male Dartford Warbler (Honest!)

Also supporting cast of several adult Yellow-legged gulls and a fine male Dartford warbler not a bad mornings stroll.

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  1. Caption for the first photo. "On his first day on St Mary's, Monkey got 2 ticks"