Thursday 8 December 2011


OK, as some of you who may know me my all time bogey bird (a bird often missed or never seen if your not familiar with this expression which i obviously know !!!!) is Green-Winged Teal yes that cousin of our Teal, that visits us from across the pond annually sometimes in numbers, scattered quite generously across the country, in which eluded me for almost a quarter of a century now!!

after 128 attempts

Until Sunday when me, Jono and young henry visited Cley NNT reserve where the duck was finally broken (no pun intended!) and eventuly connected with this absolute tarts tick of all time and now i can carry on leading a normal life without all the boys taking the piss out of me....

Oh and we all ticked Western Sand...........

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  1. About time too Paul, well done and was pleased to hear on Sunday that you finally ticked GWT.