Saturday 17 December 2011

More Gulling

It was another Gull ringing session with the NTGG (north thames gull group) this morning and was the final one of the year and again Rainham landfill was the venue and it did not disappoint with some good rubbish disposed of early doors an early catch was made and around 250 birds were caught and processed with over 220 Herring, 20 GBB, 3 Bhg, 2 Yellow-legged and a single Caspian.

melon and cucumber is on today's menu

birds move in

The weather was cold this morning so the birds were hungry and interested and it was clear to see black-headed gulls were the first to move in the catch area, but are then pushed of pretty quickly when the bigger boys move in.

that could hurt!!!

one of two Greater's i rung.....

1w Caspian

taking bio-metrics

Paul roper explains feather detail

and classic pale under wing

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