Saturday 19 May 2012

Bonaparte's Gull on the Patch!!!!

A call from Rich Bonser on the over side of the river saying probable Bonaparte's Gull coming your way had me scanning crossness outfall, as he was at the Incinerator, i picked up the bird on the foreshore on the south side just as John Archer had arrived and before long the three of us were watching this London Mega, only for me a tad distant!! ggggrrrrrrr.

After vanishing west after twenty minutes, the bird was later picked up in Barking Bay by eagle eyed bonser as i was checking Barking Outfall, and it was time for the north side of the river to enjoy this dainty little gull from across the pond, the bird a times seemed to display to nearbye black-heads and was even heard calling.

As the tide came in the bird moved of east and was seen flycatching by the small crowd.

What a Cracking bird and well found Mr Bonser and i think only the second record for London?? hopefuly it will stick around for all to enjoy, now of to get very drunk and hopefuly watch West Ham get back in the Premership.

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