Tuesday 22 May 2012

Cream Coloured Courser

An after work twitch of which will surely be the biggest bird of the spring for Myself the Monkey (well driven monkey) and Mr Croft across the the country to Herefordshire to Bradnor Hill golf course, where the CREAM-COLOURED COURSER showed very well after the three hour and twenty minute journey!!

Unfortunately only had bins so will leave the pics to the expert's but did manage a couple of Phone-scoped efforts thru Monkey's scope, as the bird fed on the edge of two fairways in some bracken, it was a real treat to watch it running around covering quite some ground.

What a superb bird and certainly bird of the year for me and a welcome tick, having not bothered for the Scilly bird back in 2005 or the Essex bird back in the mid-eighties!!

On way home we found a cracking little Dipper site in the village of Pembridge where a pair showed very well by the bridge.

dipper pics by the Monkey


  1. I could have got some good phone scoped pics but some big fat Monkey flushed them with his big red rudolph nose!!! lol