Thursday 28 March 2013


News broke that a drake Goosander was found (by Peter Beckenham) this morning at the mighty Masey Park, but the bird apparently coming to bread.  I just had to take a look myself and have a gander!!

The bird was still there this evening and as Peter said was coming to bread.  Getting cracking views of this normally shy species the bird is unringed and shows a couple of primary feathers missing of its left wing.  Does this mean this is of captive origin??  Reading on the net and talking to several others this evening its not unprecedented that Goosander can and will take bread in harsh/cold conditions.

So the jury is out, comments as always welcome.


  1. cracking images Paul, I'll have to have a look in the morning.

  2. Hi Paul, yeah, lovely shots. Glad you got it...