Monday 2 June 2014

Blakeney Point,

So me and the boy's find ourselves staring at a hedge at West Runton, that an hour previously held a black headed bunting! After a couple of hours, boredom sets in and we go off in search of our own birds.

A nice walk around Beaston bump finds very little, so after some breakfast (pasty and a cup of tea) we decide to conquer the famous Blakeney point.

The previous three days had seen some good birds being seen at Blakeney.  Was we about to score big?

Half hour into our epic journey With myself, Monkey, Lee and Shaunboy, the news filters through that the bunting is back on show, and both Lee and Shaun head back to give it another go - leaving me and monkey to soldier on!

With very little reward up to the point, we reach the plantation only to discover it too is pretty bird free!
Except for one little phyllosc, which was calling slightly different than your average chiffy and eventually giving us good views to prove it was in fact yesterdays Siberian Chiffchaff still knocking around.  So not a total waste of a journey.

The return journey was slightly easier on the foot at low tide, and gave us some photographic opportunities of the Little Terns that were feeding on the ebbing tide.

So Blakeney didn't really produce this time, but a thoroughly enjoyable walk.  I'm sure we will be visiting it again soon.

Oh and the bunting failed to show even after attempt No3...........

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