Sunday 15 June 2014

Ringing Kestrel's

Was lucky enough to be involved in ringing a Kestrel brood yesterday.  After the morning early mist net session we popped along to a local farm where they have been breeding over the last decade.

With both the parents nowhere to be seen, it was perfect timing for us to process these birds and it was amazing to see how docile these young birds were, and amazing birds to see so close up.

All three birds in good shape, probably 2.5 weeks old, but unlike larger raptors which can be sexed on size, Kestrels are pretty much the same size in both sexes so can not be aged until very much later.

Jcb - every ringer should have one.


  1. I was ringing Kestrel chicks as well this weekend but we had to use ladders. Your way looks fun. From Findlay

  2. Cheers Findlay, saw your pics to what great birds :-)